At Dane’s Caribbean Catering Services, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality food and customer service. We also offer more than just Catering Services, we are proud to provide additional services such as; equipment hire, additional products (cupcakes, cakes) and also have a great venue list which we are able to source for you. *subject to availability.

*Vegetarian Option at an additional cost.

Bronze Package

• Choice of 2 Meats • 2 Sides • 1 Vegan Option

Silver Package

• Choice of 2 Meats • 1 Fish Option • 1 Vegan Option • 2 Sides

Gold Package

• Choice of 3 Meats • 2 Fish Options • 1 Vegan Option • 3 Sides

Deluxe Package

• 2 Starters/Canapes • Choice of 3 Meats • 2 Fish Options • 1 Vegan Option • 4 Sides • 1 Additional Side • Apple Crumble with Custard

Fine Dining Menu

Experience our most exquisite dining experience in the comfort of your own home or at your chosen venue. This menu is includes specific meal courses; starters, main and a dessert

Cold Buffet

Sandwich Selection / Fried Chicken Wrap / Pizza / Mini Salt Fish Fritters / Sausage Roll / Fried Chicken Strips / Bruschetta / Crudités with Hummus & Garlic Dip / Pasta Salad


Vegetable Soup Chicken Soup


Ackee and Plantain Bites
Fragrant Ackee and saltfish layered between sweet fried plantain
With chopped sun-dried tomatoes, bell peppers, red onions & olive oil
Filled cooked down Callaloo
Mutton Spring Rolls
Curry flavoured mince & peppers with a little kick.
Peppered Prawns
Fiery prawns (served with our without shell)
Honey Glazed Chicken Wings
Succulent chicken wings glazed in honey.

Meat Options

Curry Mutton (Marinated for 48 hours with our own selection of Jamaican spices & curry powder) Stew Chicken (Marinated overnight and cooked to perfection) Fried Chicken (Coated in our secret recipe making each bite leaving you wanting more) Jerk Chicken (Marinated overnight in our homemade jerk sauce and BBQ'd over sizzling hot coals in our jerk pan) Chicken Strips (Coated in our own family handed down the recipe, each bite leaving you wanting more)

Fish Options

Sea Bream Shallow Fried, topped with our home made stew sauce & sweet peppers Fried Hake (Coated in our seasoned flour, fried and presented with onions and peppers) Prawns (without shells) (Our much sort after pepper prawns) Ackee and Saltfish (Boiled out and cooked down with onions, peppers and thyme)

BBQ Food

BBQ onsite available from May to September. This service costs extra and includes BBQ hire, BBQ Chef, serving equipment, gazebo hire, rolls and sauces.

Pork Sausages / BBQ Chicken / Prawn Skewers / Vegetarian Burgers / Beef Burger / Jerk Pork Belly / Chicken Skewers / Jerk Chicken / Vegetable Skewers

Vegetarian Options

Curried Chick Peas (Cooked down with onions and an infusion of spices) Vegetable Curry (Sweet potato, plantain and steamed veg cooked down with onions and an infusion of spices) Macaroni Cheese (Cooked pasta smothered and baked in our homemade cheese sauce, with a crisp topping for an unexpected textured finish) Halloumi Kebabs (Grilled halloumi with onions and peppers)


Rice and Peas Kidney peas, scotch bonnet & thyme Plain rice Slowed cooked to a fluffy perfection Steamed Veg A mix of cabbage, sweetcorn, carrots & green peppers with a little crunch Salad Crisp and fresh salad the perfect accompaniment to any of our delectable dishes Coleslaw Our homemade crunchy creamy coleslaw Callaloo Cooked down with peppers and carrots

Additional Extras

Dumplings Golden pillows of melt in the mouth fluffiness Festivals Slightly sweetened melting moments Plantain Ripe and fried to perfection slices of plantain Sweet Potato Mash Hand peeled and mashed seasoned silky smooth mash Mutton Spring Rolls Seasoned cooked and rolled by our own fair hands creating a cosmic infusion that is sure to tantalize your taste buds Bruschetta Lightly toasted bruschetta with a cool refreshing salsa topping


Cakes Chocolate cake, chocolate gateau, carrot cake, red velvet Cheese cakes lemon or strawberry Apple Crumble & custard Fruit Salad served with fresh cream

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